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There’s no way around it— event planning is complicated. From event booking to presentation development, from hype building to graphic design, there are often a large number of factors at play— and frequently all at the same time. At the same time, event planning is vitally important to the success of any event and often plays a major role in determining success or failure. Beyond this, events are inherently high-visibility events with a lot riding on their success, where it’s important to show your organization in the best light possible.

Fortunately, Innovate Marketing is here to make it happen. Whatever the occasion, we have the tools and skills to help your event get the attention it deserves and ensure smooth sailing from beginning to end. Our services include:

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Event Management

Including venue contracting, presentation development, invitation design, and more. We’ll handle the logistics, so you can think about what matters most.

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Press and Media Outreach

Acting as the event publicist, Innovate Marketing have a team of experts who will design and implement a comprehensive media plan to ensure your event receives the coverage it deserves. We have a positive relationship with the media and a deep understanding of the most effective strategies and tactics for media exposure.

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Asset Creation

Evocative creative assets tell the story of your event, build excitement, and communicate your brand to your audience. Through the creation of a comprehensive, attractive set of digital assets and print collateral, Innovate Marketing will enable your event marketing to stand out from the crowd and impress your intended audience.

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